What does your life really look like if we remove the pretenses? There was a show in the 70’s called “Match Game” (Maybe it has made a comeback?). Anyways, the contestant was asked a question and 6 celebrities wrote their answers on cards. Then, the contestant gave their answer and hoped the celebrities had […]



A few weeks ago, I was having major phone issues. For some reason, the battery was unable to hold a charge. (Of course, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with overusing my phone…) As a result, I went to the Apple store to see about getting a new one, and made an appointment with the […]

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What If

A few months ago, I had a birthday. By all standards, this was supposed to be an easy year. No big numbers involved. Just a normal birthday. What is normal anyway? I had a quiet dinner with friends, great conversations, quality time. I’m finding that quality time is one of my love languages. I need […]

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First, before you freak out about the title, no, I am not dying or on my death bed. I think maybe I’m hormonal(it’s called menopause) or if that doesn’t fit; I’m being sentimental because the holidays are fast approaching! A year ago, I got a text from a friend, encouraging a group of us who […]



  If you’ve lived in Texas too long, you understand the weather is so wildly unpredictable! I mean, it could be snowy one day and 80 degrees the next. It’s weird! But it’s not just the weather that is so unpredictable, it’s the seasons as well. Sometimes, we have summer for too long. For example, […]


Waste Management

  Waste management. I know what you are thinking! Why in the world would she write about such a disgusting thing? Let me tell you why … I’m not talking about changing diapers or having diarrhea. My favorite word in the entire English language is a synonym for the word “poop.” 3 years ago, during […]

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As I wrote a couple of weeks ago about quitting, I snuck a couple of things in there, apparently, I still need help on. I told you about the conversation in which “my body and mind are screaming for still and quiet.” Then, I told you about how much trouble I was having trying to […]

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