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A few weeks ago, I was having major phone issues. For some reason, the battery was unable to hold a charge. (Of course, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with overusing my phone…) As a result, I went to the Apple store to see about getting a new one, and made an appointment with the Genius Bar. The following day, they performed a diagnostic test on my battery. It seemed that I had far too many notifications on and my blue tooth was constantly searching for connection. We did a mild reset, turned some things off, and apparently, my battery has new life.

It took a reset and intentional adjustments in order to get it running back to normal.


Sometimes, don’t you just need a reset? On your day? Week? Month? Year? Personally, I feel as if I am becoming incredibly bogged down with the nonessentials in life- and I hardly even realize it. For me, the three months into this new year already feels exactly like the end of last year; weighted down, exhausted, my brain on over load, and no exercise regime in place. 

Oh wait…you too?

I discovered that resets are imperative, but they must come daily– not yearly. I have to be intentional with my reset. Unplug. Unwind. Uninstall. Unload.

I’m 3 months in, and I’m craving (and I do mean CRAVING) some down time. It is time to brain dump and start over.

We all crave the release of a reset. 

I’ve been planning a retreat in my head for the last couple of months. I’m still unsure of the time frame, but it needs to happen soon…a reset.

As I was praying over restoration and rejuvenation, The Lord placed four distinct and imperative words on my heart in order for a reset.

Unplug. I have a strong desire to unplug from my present reality to let my imagination wild. For example, this post has been in my head consistently for four months now.. See what I mean? I do not take advantage of this enough; the act of unplugging… turning off the noise, shutting down the distractions, and finding a way to clear my head. Usually, the pieces I write derive from an overwhelming desire to outwardly express my innermost thoughts. In this way, my brain receives a reset.

 Unwind. Let me tell you how difficult it is to veer from my insane routine! I go until I can go no more. I wish I was more intentional with my down time. Last night, I went to dinner with friends for the first time in what felt like forever. I was relaxed. My hands were full with chips and guacamole and my heart was full with hours of laughter.

I miss this. Every time I hang with these friends, it makes me crave more time with them. I need to carve out time for unwinding. I need to reset my routine.

 Uninstall. This one is the most challenging to deal with. Oh, how I wish I could uninstall the software that repeats the negative statements I continue to believe about myself.

“You’re not capable!”,

“What are you thinking?”,

“You’re not qualified!” 

are all statements that persistently run through my mind.

I really do begin to believe these lies. It affects my confidence daily. I second-guess myself and allow doubts, fears, and insecurities creep in. Once again, my focus is on me and not where it needs to be.

Usually, every Wednesday I start quitting in my head. I stop fighting the fight and allow the false truths to become actual truths. Every. Single. Week.  Thankfully, I have friends who I’ve asked to pray for me on this specific day every week. And let me tell you… it’s working. I have not wanted to quit in at least a month. However, I needed to recognize what was happening, become aware of the pattern, and ultimately ACT upon it. I needed to uninstall my negativity and reset my thoughts.

4) Unload. I tend to believe that this is the easiest one for me. However, it most definitely isn’t. I told a friend yesterday that the word screaming in my head was “incompetent”! She was so excited!! She wasn’t excited because I was feeling incompetent, but she was ecstatic that I had finally volunteered information, instead of a “20 question dig it out of me marathon”!   This was a huge step in the right direction- vocalizing my perceived inabilities. I have found that I need to unload all of the crazy thoughts and feelings that are bubbling up in my head. 

It unloads the unnecessary weight I place upon myself, and provides me with the freedom to reset and use my voice.

God is teaching me gentleness right now.  I’m 100% sure I know why. As a coach, I don’t think gentle was ever a part of my vocabulary. God is teaching me to not only be gentle with others, but I need gentleness for myself. Reminding myself failing is part of succeeding. Man, this kills my pride to be quite honest.

So, as I begin unplugging, unwinding, uninstalling and unloading, I must first learn to be gentle with myself. It’s called grace, and I find I’m very insufficient in this area of my life. Reset the harshness and the brutality I deliver to myself.

God is so gracious and He’s been incredibly gentle with me as I walk this path.

 I believe I’m the one who needed it the most.

What in your life needs to be reset?

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