I know what protocol is but, needed to define it anyway. Protocol is simply the code of correct conduct. I’m not exactly sure who invented such protocol. I’m really not a fan of it. Oh, I can adhere to it, but really only if necessary. Unfortunately, I determine when I should follow it or not. […]



Filters change our views.  We use filters to keep the grounds out of our coffee. We select the filter we want to use for the photo on Instagram. Screen doors are filters to keep the bugs out. Sunglasses filter out the sunlight. We use our thoughts as filters to determine who we let in. We […]

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So today, I’ve had a ton on my mind.  I’ve had my topics for the next 2 days in my head. But you see, I’m undone. I read in my devotional this week about getting my feet wet. You see, there was this drought and the farmers called a prayer meeting. They all showed up […]

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I woke up at 4 this morning. Before I got out of bed there was one word I woke to.. I’m sure you have felt: the sting of being last or the joy of being first. Or not being at all. Or discarded. There is triumph and pain. Secure and Insecure. Among the thoughts this […]

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Usually when I see a quote, one that really gets me, I jot it down. No, I don’t have a book of quotes, because that would be too easy for me to find. I came across this one on Facebook not long ago and well, it fit. Like a glove. International House of Prayer issued […]

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SHORT TERM MEMORY LOSS As a leader or coach it’s usually the little things that get us. Repeated little mistakes. You: Work on them Refine them Practice them But, they still creep in and panic sets in, and before you know it, you have quickly gone backwards, and the same bad habits come back. To […]



I’ve been in a place, some might call it the desert. I’ve been dry and try as hard as I can, His word was like sand in an hourglass, a nice steady rhythm but going only one place: down. No matter how many times you flip a hourglass the sand can only go one place. […]

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