Waste Management



Waste management. I know what you are thinking! Why in the world would she write about such a disgusting thing?

Let me tell you why … I’m not talking about changing diapers or having diarrhea.

My favorite word in the entire English language is a synonym for the word “poop.” 3 years ago, during one of the most difficult things I have ever faced, I had a very close friend give me permission to say said word. (Please don’t judge, you know I’m right).

I just know there are times when no other word comes remotely close to how I feel. (You secretly know this to be true!) It’s completely 100%  ok to admit it! Sometimes, our expressive feelings must be said out loud to get them off our chest!

At the time, it was all I could say, and I was apologizing every other word! Literally. I didn’t know what else to say! A couple of days after the incident, I received a text from my friend. I will spare you the details of all she listed out.  She lists everything in numerical order. 1. Say ____ as often as you need!

There! Permission granted! My grown children were shocked! My pastor was shocked as well. Heck, maybe even Jesus was shocked, but I had to vent somehow.

Looking back at it now, I needed a release. Trust me when I say, I could have done so much worse!

Which brings me back to the subject at hand: poop. You thought maybe I wasn’t going to tie this together in a neat little package for you?

Most mornings, you can find me, before the sun comes up, walking my dog, Andy. (Named after Andy Stanley). It’s my worship time! I’ve got my headphones on and because it is so early in the morning, you might hear me sing just a bit…Which is fine, except the only one who appreciates my completely off-key worship is Jesus himself! (I’m sure now He wishes HE had given me a better voice). Anyway, I’m always walking, singing and praying.

And, then, you know … the reason you’re out for the walk in the first place … so your dog can do his thing. So, Andy does his thing and I use my little poop bag to pick it up. Of course, where he decides to go is never anywhere near a doggie poop drop-off station. So, I’m left carrying this bag of poop.

Before long, I’m immersed in worship, singing and raising my one hand (not both, because it would choke him), and I have a bag of poop in my hand lifted high in worship. Can you just imagine what this must look like! Thank the good Lord it’s dark and no one can see this!!!!!

Here’s my point: We all have our own, uniquely gross bag full of poop we carry around with us.

Maybe you have been hurt by a loved one, maybe your job is awful, or just maybe lies have been spoken about you. You are ashamed of some of the ____ you did in your past, and you cannot find the waste bin to get rid of it for good. Does this resonate? You’re not the only one who feels this way.

At some point, we have to get rid of the debris or it starts to smell really bad. There’s no other place better than to surrender it to Jesus. High in the air and then tossed in the garbage where it belongs. You see, He’s the Master of Waste Management. He will never let your waste go to waste.

He’s going to use it to fertilize the growth journey of someone walking a similar path. A friend betrayed you? Jesus understands this. Someone has slandered you? Yep, He gets this too. He passes this understanding to you so you can relate to others who are walking this same rocky road.

There is a lesson to be learned with every bag of poop.

Are you tired of carrying it around? I bet you are… Listen, you have my permission to say it… then dump it. Do not go back to it and pick it up…

Give it to Him, tell Him what you want and need and let Him do His clean up in you! The best thing is, once the clean up is done, you are forgiven, forever. There is no sin or past that Jesus cannot forgive … you just have to learn to let go of the bag. Put it in the trash. It’s gone forever.

And NO, as much as you think I should say said word, I’m just going to leave it right here.

Just stop carrying what wasn’t yours to carry in the first place.

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