If you’ve lived in Texas too long, you understand the weather is so wildly unpredictable! I mean, it could be snowy one day and 80 degrees the next. It’s weird! But it’s not just the weather that is so unpredictable, it’s the seasons as well. Sometimes, we have summer for too long. For example, it was 90 degrees this October. Fall is probably the shortest season we have.  Then there’s winter which can seem to drag on and on!  I have to say, spring is the most unpredictable season we have in Texas. I mean … c’mon! Summer is standard: HOT! Who are we kidding? The surface of the sun is the only place hotter than Texas!

Fall is perhaps my favorite season of all time! I remember getting ready to plant trees in my yard! The one stipulation I told the landscaper was the trees needed to be red. The look on her face was priceless!  I explained I wanted trees that had beautiful red colors in the fall!

But on a serious note, what do we take away from the various seasons we experience in life?

Where are you right now? Are you in the throes of reaping an abundant crop? Are you in a season of new beginnings? Are you in a season where you are being pruned and disciplined? Or, are you in the driest season you have ever faced?

Are you doubting God is even hearing you? Is He seeing where you are right now? Do you think you are in a place to receive … readily and willingly? Are you waiting?

I’ve come to the conclusion that these seasons, as joyful as they are, or as awful as they are, have one thing in common: God knew. Although it may not necessarily be His perfect plan for me, it absolutely needed to be part of my testimony! I wouldn’t have chosen the path that some of the seasons of my life have taken, but God has a purpose, and this is the part where He gets the glory!

Maybe you haven’t thought of it like this.

I’m asking you to look down the road as far as you can see and trust Him. He will use your hurt, your disappointment, your anger, your joy, your thanksgiving, or your dry and thirsty soul for someone else. Guaranteed!

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 talks about how there is a season for everything. He tells us right there. I think so many times we can forget this when we are going through the seasons that are NOT fun.

I love these verses because of the promise they hold. It’s almost like this glowing reminder or promise that God keeps showing me to try and comfort me right now…. God’s telling me there is a time and a season for ALL things.

You have to have a listening ear to accept that this isn’t necessarily your season for THAT … yet.

You’ve walked through tough seasons too.

There’s also the good seasons- where we see God answer prayers and promises are fulfilled.

The good seasons are the product of crying out in the dry seasons.

You know, the one where you feel like every prayer has stopped at the ceiling or fallen on deaf ears. God’s answers are the catalyst for propelling you out of the wilderness. The journey can seem long. How many times do you recognize what God is trying to tell you, but you feel like He just keeps drilling it into your head? You may think you have learned all you need to know from a specific season, then God takes you by surprise … reminding you His plan is so much bigger.

I know this, you will be there as long as He needs you to be there.

God created seasons in every sense of the the word.  Just like He promises the seasons we’re in are going to bring significant change for a bigger purpose …

There are seasons in which we can no longer manage on our own. We’ve tried and tried and have only failed miserably. We cannot go through the seasons of life alone. We all know what it feels like to have tied a knot at the end of our rope and to be hanging on for dear life.

We don’t understand the purpose, the loss, the grief, the reminders, daily, of what once was. We are blinded by the pain we think we have so carefully hidden.

Where are you? Is your heart broken? Are you angry? Resentful?  You’re not the only one. Get in line!

Maybe you’re  in love? Full of joy? Letting go of things that weren’t yours to carry in the first place? Are you working on reconciliation?

I’m unsure of the season you are in, but please reach out to someone and tell them today. Tell them you are heartbroken and love seems so long ago. Tell them you have let go of the very things you’ve carried for far too long and are seeing light at the end of the tunnel. The purpose of God providing relationships, friendships and family in our lives is so we can grow together. This is a huge gift from God, so take full advantage of the people He has placed in your life. Brothers and sisters in Christ want to help ease the burden of your struggles.

Sometimes, it’s the God initiated times of growth that we don’t understand. We catch ourselves in a place, and we cry out, desperately trying to solve what is not ours to solve. This season is hard, but the one question I have found myself asking is, “God, what is it you are trying to teach me?” It’s a hard question to answer and even harder to hear the answer.

Just maybe we are supposed to grow into seasons, instead of fighting our way through them.

Here’s what I know: Stay consistent in your disciplines. Be in prayer. Have your head in the Word of God, stay in fellowship, make sure you spend time worshipping, and above all just walk and do the next thing you know to do.

Consistency will lead you to growth and maturity! You will know longer be bottle fed, but will be feasting on gourmet food!

Grow into your season, but just know, in time, this season will be gone and you will be ready to step foot in the next one.


Shout out to CM for the thoughts leading to this post!

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