As I wrote a couple of weeks ago about quitting, I snuck a couple of things in there, apparently, I still need help on. I told you about the conversation in which “my body and mind are screaming for still and quiet.” Then, I told you about how much trouble I was having trying to nail down a daily schedule that would give me time to write and accomplish the other top priorities in my life.

I’m only sharing this because, not only do I need this hammered home, but I have a feeling you need it too.  (And why would I deny you the pleasure of needing it hammered home?)

There is so much noise going on in the world that we get so preoccupied with stuff that has no value. I haven’t turned my tv on in two days (NO, I did not watch the debate). I turned my phone off at 9p.m.

I’m struggling in this area SO much! But, God has given me two different confirmations since then.

The first is this:

Last week, a friend went to see Beth Moore in Plano. She sent me a quote that has sent me into hiding…(almost).

She just said, ”I fear we are losing the ability to be ALONE!! She said if you have a writer in you…then you will never be successful! Because you must be alone to get out the words the Father gives you as part of your calling!”

I wasn’t prepared for this comment. At all.  I would just leave that right there. However, if I needed to hear it, I can’t imagine not giving you the same opportunity to feel ,it just like I did.

Can we just stop right there? Feel that statement….

The Second:

Lysa Terkeurst, in her new book, “Univited”, shares the story in a way as if she is reading my mind!

She starts with this story in Mark about Jesus walking on water to meet the disciples: Here, just read it:

Mark 6: 47-52

Late that night, the disciples were in their boat in the middle of the lake, and Jesus was alone on land. 48 He saw that they were in serious trouble, rowing hard and struggling against the wind and waves. About three o’clock in the morning Jesus came toward them, walking on the water. He intended to go past them, 49 but when they saw him walking on the water, they cried out in terror, thinking he was a ghost. 50 They were all terrified when they saw him.

But Jesus spoke to them at once. “Don’t be afraid,” he said. “Take courage! I am here!” 51 Then he climbed into the boat, and the wind stopped. They were totally amazed, 52 for they still didn’t understand the significance of the miracle of the loaves. Their hearts were too hard to take it in.

Terrified: Think back on a time when you were simply terrified. What did this look like for you? Emotions? Racing thoughts? Sweaty palms? Heart racing? 

The word terrified in verse 50 is translated: tarasso and it simply means to set in motion what needs to remain still!  You’ve felt terrified; I know i cannot be the only one!  What does this set in motion that you need to remain still?

You’re terrified… you have this raging voice in your head of FOMO!! (fear of missing out). What exactly are you missing out on? Someone else’s dreams? Don’t for one second think they don’t have that same raging voice screaming the same thing in their head too!

You’re not missing out if you are doing what God has called you to do. Heck, even if you aren’t sure yet and you’re “in a meantime place”, God longs for you to be quiet, still.

I’m working hard on this right now. If I am honest, right here, I will tell you, my fear of being alone causes me to remember what “alone” looked like right after I got my own apartment. I was newly divorced and an empty nester all at the same time. OMG!  You see, I can do alone, but when that aloneness turns in to lonely, let’s face it, I don’t do loneliness well. (I know I’m not the only one!)

I am terrified I will go back there and it’s really not a place I want to go back to..  Terrified sets into motion a wild imagination, a sense of worthlessness, and a host of other negative things that, well, don’t need to be unleashed!

So, this is why I’ve been terrified of being alone, to write, to pray, to study. Or, just have a few moments of my day where I can unwind and clear my head of all the cluttered thoughts I’ve been dealing with of late.

I’m sitting on my patio as I write this morning and I’m thinking of you, and wondering if you might just need some encouragement to not set in motion anything today that needs to remain still.

Who knows what God will reveal to you in the stillness? Who knows what He’s been prepping you for?

Psalm 46.10 Be still and know that He is God!

I’m learning, I’m practicing and you know, it’s not that terrifying! I am actually looking forward to my alone time!  I’m accomplishing more writing than I have in months.

Let God do the setting in motion!  And, for the love, don’t be terrified when you see Him answer!!

3 thoughts on “STILL

  1. Love this. Ever since I read this post, I’ve been taking my temperature when I’m alone. Which is often a good chunk of the day. Something in me wants distraction- TV, book, magazine. Not God. Not after my day has taken off. Stillness before Him is what I really need, but my internal motor wants to do, produce, create. Yikes. Hearing does come in stillness. Thanks.

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