About Toni



TONI THRASH, Certified Coach Practitioner

I build relationships and  develop trust by accepting you for who you are regardless of your issues or level of success.

My success as a leader resides in my passion to ask the questions you may not want to answer. I am intentional about serving you and walking along side you so that you find your voice and discover your worth. I’m guessing you will find some tidbits of worth in most of what I write, regardless of the topic. It is the underlying theme. I find that listening to those around me clues me into a significant deficit of worth.

As a life coach/mentor, I use my empathy and restorative strengths to teach you to reach your personal goals and maximize your belief to be all God has created you to be.

I hold a BS degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Texas Tech University and I am a Certified Life Coach Practitioner from Certified Coaching Federation (CCF). I am an accomplished blogger, notanafterthought.com, and I own more Nike shoes than the Nike warehouse.

I currently reside in Frisco, TX with my dog Andy. My  two sons, Taylor and Cameron, pop in to visit mainly when they want food. In my spare time you can find me playing sand volleyball with people half my age, reading, cooking, and listening to music.


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