IMG_1734I’m a beach girl. Love the sand, love the ocean. It’s one of my favorite places to be. The sights and sounds of the ocean are so rhythmic, peaceful.  The water is mesmerizing. You can get so caught up in it, you lose sight of anything else.

My absolute favorite thing, is the beach early in the morning. Arriving between 5:30 and 6am. Coffee in hand, Bible in the other, and ocean for forever.

I find an empty beach chair, headphones in, watching the waves crash.

Watching crabs run from one hole to the other, their beady little eyes searching for food and alert for trouble.

Probably the most peaceful place on the planet for me!

Tuesday, was a picture perfect day at the beach. Nice breeze, my umbrella was tilted just the way I needed it to be, and Empires by Hillsong was playing, and I was reading.

Twice this past week, the story of Peter, has come up.

Peter. What a guy. A rock. Most of you know the story, but I’m going to  share parts with you.

The setting is on the Sea of Galilee. Jesus has sent the disciples to the other side after feeding scores of people.  He goes to pray alone. The disciples are stuck in the middle of the sea, because a strong headwind  has come up. Not stuck, but not moving very fast anyway.

Right before dawn, Jesus comes to them walking on water. They think a ghost is coming across the water. (Because, who would suspect a man was walking on water!) They were scared!

Jesus called to them and said, “It is I.”   Then, Peter does the thing, most of us wouldn’t do in that situation, calls out to Jesus and says, “Lord, if it’s really you, let me walk on water to You.”

I did mention that I love the water, right? Yeah, by that I meant, looking at it. Walking in it, on the edge of the beach. Not out in the middle of it!!

Jesus answered, “Come.”

So Peter did.

Here comes the part of the story that is fascinating to me. I am reading this book called, “What Keeps You Up at Night” by Pete Wilson.

It’s about finding peace while chasing your dreams.

You see, we can discuss the fact Peter actually got out of the boat. That’s courage.

We can also discuss the fact that He let fear get to him when He took His eyes off Jesus. Both well known truths.

Embellish me here please: Pete Wilson states it candidly. Real time.

“As a fisherman (Peter)-and, likely the son of a fisherman-you have spent the vast majority of your life on and near the Sea of Galilee. At no time during the thousands of hours in, on, and around the water, have you ever seen water support the weight of a person so that it could be walked on…..This is liquid, flowing water-and you are climbing out of your boat, getting ready to plant your feet on it as if it is solid ground.”

So, why did Peter do it? Get out of the boat? Why? Great question!

There’s a line in a song called “Here Now” by Hillsong that brings this point home: Faith makes a fool of what makes sense.

Peter did opposite of what his whole life experience had taught him from a young boy to the man he is at this moment.  

Made no sense. He got out and walked to Jesus.

Then fear took over and he began to sink. Jesus reached for him and got him back in the boat. Peter saw the water and began to sink.

Take your eyes off the water.  This is where fear takes over and you begin to doubt, sink, and question.

I’m not sure what your lifetime experience is, but it’s time to get out of the boat. You don’t need a life vest. You don’t need arm floaties.

You don’t need a nose plug or goggles.

You see, wherever you are being walked to, your eyes are on Jesus.

They have to be, otherwise you drown.

Drown. In fear, doubt, and uncertainty.

Take your eyes off the water. Stepping out is belief that where He is leading you, hasn’t been done before.  It’s unique to You! He’s entrusting YOU with this.

You are not self reliant. You are God reliant. Period.

I’m not sure what boat you need to get out of. But, GET OUT!!!

Courage to get out. Find Him.

I’m preaching to myself. I’d been taking my time getting out of the boat. I’d been struggling with the fear.

I got a text a month ago from one of my best friends. She sent it early on a Saturday morning.

“Praying for you. A new beginning for you.”

It was.  You will always know it because you had nothing to do with it.

Well,  I did get out of the boat.

I’ve no doubt you will too.




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