Today is my friend Libs birthday!

Our story. I met her in the kindergarten hallway a few years ago. Introduced myself and said what most everyone says to her, “You’re the Loop Lady!” She does the video announcements at church.

She was showing her daughter her new classroom.

Fast forward  a few months. Beginning of December and she was teaching on Sunday morning. She was very vulnerable that day, sharing parts of her family history most people didn’t know. She went there.  I was amazed at how real she was with our church! It was amazing!!!

A few weeks later, I woke up at 4:30am (My normal time) and the Lord laid her on my heart and ask me to pray for her. So I did. This happened over the course of the next 2 weeks. Every day. Same time. First person I thought of. So I prayed.

I finally sent her an email saying something like this,”Libba, I need you to know the Lord has laid you on my heart for the past two weeks. I’ve been praying for you everyday. I don’t need to know why, just know I’m praying.”

This went on for months. Every now and then I would send basically the same email to her, saying the same thing.

One day she replied with some prayer requests.

We slowly built a friendship on this!

We’ve walked some roads together. God hasn’t released me from praying for her. Everyday for the last 5 years, I’ve prayed.  For whatever reasons God has, I’m assigned to her.

I hate talking on the phone. Well, for the most part. They are a few people I will always take a call from.  Most of my conversations are brief. Except to Libs. Libs and I talk 4 or 5 times a day.  Maybe for 2 minutes or 1.5 hours. Just depends on what’s going on.

Libs is my best friend. She’s walked through some tough times with me, as I have with her.

We have whole conversations via twitter sitting next to each other.

I laugh my hardest and cry my deepest when I’m around her. She’s big on seeing your face when she’s talking to you.  Sometimes I get a text that says, “I need to see your face!!” (Which translates into something big she needs to tell me and needs to watch me respond or react to) She loves to be able to read your expressions, hear your exhaustible explanations and see your heart. Hear your tone. Watch your gestures. Hear the off the wall dreams that come out of your mouth.  Call something out in you that you weren’t really sure was there to begin with.  She’s fierce in her protectiveness. 

She sees talent in people and draws all the potential  out in you and is relentless in uncovering it(you) and not hiding you from the world.  When she believes in you, you feel like you can face the world and move whatever mountain is in the way. She’s relentless in this.

She goes from 0-100 between the moment her eyes open and her feet hit the floor.  I’ve never seen anyone like her.

She has more tabs open in her head than anyone I know. She changes tabs about every 10 seconds. I’ve learned to keep up with her. Well sorta. There are times, she switches and I’m still processing the other tab, and I look at her and she just laughs and says, “Sorry I opened a new tab!”

We have the most honest talks I’ve ever had. About relationships, dreams, hopes, and the stories where there are few words and lots of tears.

You will always know how she’s feeling! She cannot hide this to save her life!! Her eyes tell a story that is the most expressive thing you will ever witness.

She has no poker face whatsoever!! I once told her she didn’t even have a poker face when texting. It’s that obvious.

She never stops encouraging. She’s relentless in her love. She’s so generous with her life.

Libs did the most unusual thing last July on her birthday! I planned a lunch with those she wanted there. We all arrived for lunch. We all gave her gifts and celebrated her!!

My friend Libs, is a “word” girl. Loves words. Drinks them in and breathes them out.

Then she did the thing:

I’ve never experienced it before. She gave reverse birthday gifts.  She went on to explain why; we had each carried some weight for her and just maybe brought her back to life…

Her words, not mine. Her gifts, our shock.

Everyday, I’m reminded of my friend, the burdens she carries for me and those I carry for her. I’m reminded today I’m not alone. She’s a hilarious text or tweet away. 

There are a few words that will grab her attention.


Shut. Up.


Elizabeth “Girl” Tullos. We celebrate you 100%! Shut. Up.

Honestly, thank you. For saying yes because it was more alive than the safety of no.  September 25, 2014 at 5am. Wow!

You’ve taught us this.

People like us do things like this.

Tell the pretty girl she’s pretty.

Oh, and for taking the sheer terror out of shopping and buying me wedges, and making me wear earrings, and…….the list is long.

Happy Birthday! I love you Libs!



2 thoughts on “LIBS

  1. Love the way Libba lights up your life and those around her. She is a special woman of God. It is a honor to know her. Hope she has a super birthday!


  2. Yay!! Yes!!! Happy Birthday to you girl! I love you Libba! Big, huge celebrations of gratitude for your beautiful life!!


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