Psalm 77.19

“Your road led through the sea, your pathway through the mighty waters-a pathway no one knew was there.

The sea is all around me. Well, not exactly, since I live in North Texas, but for the last few weeks the reference to the sea is daily.

Whether it is in a song, scripture, or quote someone sends me, the sea is in front of me.

My verse for this year has been Isaiah 26.7 “But for those who are righteous, the way is not steep and rough. You are a God who does what is right, and You smooth out the path ahead of them.”

2015 has been the year of my path.  I’ve been thinking about the path I’m on.  I’ve thinking about the path you might be on. It never occurred to me the path led through the sea. So uncharted!

You see, just like the verse from Psalm, I didn’t see the path. Was unexpected. Really? Through the sea?

Just like the Israelites crossing the Red Sea. They thought they were at a dead end. Literally.  No way they would make it out alive! The Egyptians would either kill them all or they would drown. The fear and panic must have been at an epic high!

My path has been an interesting. I’ve had some total God hovering moments these last couple of months. God is showering me with opportunities and blessings.

One of the things I’ve been praying about for over a year now is whether to get certified as a Life Coach. Through a series of meetings and consultations, I met a lady who, in a hours time, infused enough courage in me to act. (I sometimes wonder if God gets frustrated with me and my snail pace in decision making.) I left her office in awe of what could be! She put me in contact with a lady who would lead the certification training.

As I left her office that Wednesday afternoon, I had a one-way conversation with the Lord. It went something like this: “Lord, I really feel this is the direction I need to go in. I can’t do it the weekend after next, but could get the money together for the September one. It’s very doable.  However, if the money comes in all at once I will know this is where You want me.”


That week was crazy busy for me. I had basketball camp in morning and afternoons that week.

At some point during the day on Thursday, I got a message from my apartment complex that there was a package for me. The office was already closed by the time I finished and I was leaving town the next day before they opened.

So Monday morning, I went straight over there to pick up my package.

This is what was in it:


This was delivered the day after I prayed that prayer!!!! Unbelievable!!!

So I called the trainer and  we talked for about 30 minutes and I signed up for the weekend course!

Within the first 45 minutes on Saturday, I knew I was in the right place. No question. No Doubt. I was so overflowing with emotion at the end of the day, I cried the entire half hour ride home. I knew this was right! Knew God had His hand on me and was hovering over me to see what a new path looked like.

What is your sea? Can you see through the water? Sometimes, all we can see is our present circumstances. The water is cloudy and we can’t see the bottom. It’s too deep.

Will you trust God to walk with you through he sea? Will you trust Him to go through the sea even if you can’t see His footprints?

You may be 18 and headed off to college in the fall and not sure what you need to study!

You may be in your mid- twenties and have got the degree nicely framed and working in a career you wish you had never chosen.

Or, your complete career does a dance and you never saw your partner until today.

Doesn’t really matter what your age is. Your life changed and the path you were on has shifted. You are standing on the edge of the sea, and as the water breaks the shore, the sand shifts under your feet. Drawing you in. Come on in , the water is fine.

Here’s my thoughts on it: (so glad you asked) Don’t ask God for clarity. As I’ve been reading about this: I’ve discovered that asking God for clarity is our way of trying to control. It’s our lack of trust in Him to do what is best. We have to know next steps. We must have our hand on the doorknob. Take it off. You can’t fix it: you can’t open a door God wants closed and you can’t close a door He wants open. It will be a huge waste of time on your part.

I am an expert in this field. I need to see next steps. God’s reply is: “no , no you don’t. Trust Me!!”

Listen, I don’t know what your “sea” is.  I do know this: There is a path through it you can not see. It has your name on it. Don’t think for second He hasn’t gone before you.

He loves you. He sees your worth. He knows.

His ways are higher than yours, than mine.

His thoughts are wilder than your wildest imagination.

So, step on in the sea. Follow the path wherever He leads. I promise it will be worth it.



  1. This is a testament to complete trust and faith, to surrender ourselves to God’s plan for our lives. Wonderful that you drove into his path and He will work spread his blessings to and through you!

    PS Love the picture and looks like Destin where we had a wonderful vacation this past winter. I so miss the sea!


  2. *Don’t ask God for clarity. As I’ve been reading about this: I’ve discovered that asking God for clarity is our way of trying to control. It’s our lack of trust in Him to do what is best. * Oh how true, and I’ve never thought about that before. Us little sheep can only handle one step at a time. We THINK we can handle more, but our Father knows best. Thanks Toni. May your coaching career build as God stretches you into it. Can’t wait to hear!.


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