There is a restaurant in my city, that I’ve been going to for 10 years.

The first time I went I ordered the Orange Chicken as spicy as they had listed on menu. The waiter was named Chris.  The very next time I went in, he said do you want your usual? Really? After one visit? Who does this? He did. He knows my usual. It’s refreshing for someone to know what we like or dislike. No thinking involved. What’s your usual?

Usual means comfort. Easy. Almost too lazy to change or make a new decision.  Don’t hassle me, just give me the usual.

Before long we are in an unusual place because of our usual.

I’m a routine girl. I like a plan. I usually stick to my plan. (I’m not at all saying, I can’t go with the flow of things…..) But as I do my usual, I realize that over time my usual has changed. It’s unusual simply because it wasn’t on my radar. It was on God’s.

What’s the unusual place you find yourself in today?

One day Jesus was walking along the Sea of Galilee. There were a couple of guys casting their nets. Simon Peter and Andrew were their names. They were doing their usual. Fishing. Jesus called out,”Come, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men!”

Now they were in the unusual place because of their usual.

David was tending sheep when Saul sent for him. David became his armor bearer. He slew Goliath. He was anointed King at a very early age.

He was in an unusual place because of his usual.

Rahab was a prostitute in service to the king of Jericho. One day 2 spies showed up to scout the land, especially Jericho. She hid them from the King and then sent them back on a different route to avoid being captured. When the Israelites came in to take Jericho, they spared no one, except Rahab and those who were with her. She is in the lineage of Jesus.

She was in an unusual place because of her usual.

You could be a medical sales rep and decide to quit and build an app and platform for women to start to be vulnerable and real with one another. Or, a middle school english teacher, who is now a Pastor mentoring young adults. Or a tennis pro, special ed teacher, business owner and CASA volunteer, who started a non-profit to help those in crisis.

My point is this. You are doing your usual. Day in and day out. It’s mundane, hard, and overwhelming at times. But please, don’t miss the point. Your usual will lead to an unusual place. You will make a difference in the lives of someone or millions. There is no time limit to when God takes you from your usual to unusual.

Do what you know to do today. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow you will find yourself in an unusual place.

As my pastor recently said, “ You have no idea what hangs in the balance of your decision to embrace the burden of what God has placed on you heart.” Let that soak in.

What hangs in the balance?

We will never know until we get there.



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