Band of Misfits


His name was Charlie…..and he was the sentry for the Island of Misfit Toys. You remember the Misfit toys? Rudolf….

In the classic cartoon movie, Rudolf quickly realizes he doesn’t fit the “status quo” of reindeer; he begins the search for a group who will accept him.The reason Charlie was a misfit.. simple,he was a Jack-in-the-box. The status quo would have told him his name should have been Jack, but no. He doesn’t even get to choose to be a misfit, he’s just dealt that hand. In one of the greatest lines in the entire show, Rudolf speaks so wisely to Charlie, ” We are all misfits, maybe we can live here too!”

I’m a misfit. I have flaws, too many here to mention. If I were a betting woman, you have flaws too. Welcome to the club.

I’m surrounded by people who tell me they don’t fit. I love misfits. Why? Just like Charlie, I am lucky to have other misfits surround me and speak truth into my life.

God loves them and has a critical place for them in His kingdom to do work only they can do. I have a close knit group of friends. When I look at them I see a group of women who don’t fit in. We’ve been judged and put into a category or labeled: misfit.

Want to know why we fit together? 

God brought us together. Reason enough. But, He always has a plan. We created a non-profit to help those around us in times of great distress. Certainly not the only reason we are together, as we’ve chosen to live life together. God knew we needed each other. We would need voices of reason, when there was none.

I don’t fit. I am a misfit.

Recently, I attended the Catalyst conference, a conference for leaders of all ages. It had been dream of mine to attend this conference for over 2 years. It was outstanding!! AsI looked down the row to my left, I saw a row of 20 something misfits. From the looks of it, I don’t fit in that scenario, and to be honest, as I’ve gotten to know each of them better, they don’t think they fit either. But we have that one common denominator that made our row ‘fit’… Jesus.”

If I am completely honest here, I knew at the age of 18 I was called into ministry. Throughout my college years, I was a Youth Pastor and loved it.  At age 51 who does this? Well, I guess, I do.  I have a group of them I meet regularly with. We laugh, we cry, we glean much from each other. I know I learn more from them than they do me.

They are each trying to find their place to fit. They are learning to lead and to lead well. They are learning not to be jealous of each other’s gifts and talents. They are learning they lead differently and that’s ok. They are learning to meet the needs of these kids they serve and be their family outside of their family.

But, I’ve also heard all of them say, I don’t fit. They are being real and vulnerable. They are learning to trust. They aren’t afraid to voice their imperfections and confess their sin.

One of the things I noticed, is we don’t fit alone.

In other words, how can you fit alone? You can’t. God didn’t intend for us to fit alone. He created us to fit together.

Sometimes, it takes awhile to find where you fit. That’s ok.

I don’t think Jesus chose His disciples by looking for those around Him who were wandering aimlessly, most them were already established.  I’m not sure they fit until they met Jesus. Meeting Him, was the thing that fit them together and yet, not fit in the world.  They were misfits.

It will be rocky; this fitting together. It’s worth the risk and the vulnerability.

It’s worth the energy and the love and the grace.



Oh man, I can totally relate. Uniqueness misunderstood. Let’s see some people through a different lens. See them for who God created them to be. Not be judgmental. Love…..intently and with fierceness.

The cool thing is, we aren’t on an island. We aren’t isolated and blocked from the world. We are right in the middle, reaching other misfits.


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