I know what protocol is but, needed to define it anyway. Protocol is simply the code of correct conduct.
I’m not exactly sure who invented such protocol. I’m really not a fan of it. Oh, I can adhere to it, but really only if necessary. Unfortunately, I determine when I should follow it or not. I’m kinda an against protocol person.  To me, protocol just begs to be broken. (Disclaimer: this usually results in me getting in trouble) It may have happened on more than one occasion in my life. I’m going to push and push against protocol.
Except one:
    The protocol for accepting Jesus. I must confess my sin, ask for forgiveness, and accept Him in. Done. End of protocol.
You see other than that, I believe God doesn’t care about protocol. He didn’t necessarily use the correct protocol(to our belief system) in the Bible.  I’m not sure anyone in the Bible had an advanced degree in theology (ok, so maybe Paul!). The requirements were not that they had to be in their later years, mature, wiser, and well spoken.
God isn’t interested in how you dress, how you look(He made you,so…) or your age.
He does care about your obedient heart.
I’m looking at this next generation. They are our future leaders, our catalyst for change. They don’t look like we do. (But if I recall, I didn’t look like the generation before me, either.) They have tattoos, sometimes look homeless in the way they dress, and may appear like they don’t care. They are very laid back….(btw, the reason I can say these things is because I have 2 of them)
I love them… Here’s why: We need them. They need us. We have to start trusting them. They have big ideas, plans, strategies, and gifts and talents we need.
 Trust.  We have got to learn to trust them. It is our responsibility(whether you like it or not) to teach them to trust.  If we don’t learn to trust them, we could end up looking like Saul trying to hunt down David to kill him. We must take the responsibility to mentor and raise up a new generation of leaders and world changers. We have to learn to accept their out-of the box- ideas, talents and leadership styles.
Out of the box people excite me!!! Here’s why:
There is a story in the Bible about this lady who wasn’t following the correct protocol. Its found in Luke 18. This is my attempt at paraphrasing it.
Some injustice had been done to her. She didn’t go hire a lawyer, seek counsel, or ask advice from her friends. She made up her mind and circled the judge’s house until he relented and gave her justice. She didn’t quit! She just kept asking until he granted her request.
Now, lets fast forward to the summer of 2013. A group of ladies and I were reading the 40 day prayer challenge by Mark Batterson.  The 5 of us had some pretty intense stuff happening in our families. But one in particular, was headed to court. (sound familiar?).  She was fighting for her kids. Fighting for honor and fighting for the right thing. It was brutal. (it always is,isn’t it). Here’s what we did:
A friend in our prayer group sent an email out to her closest friends. God had given her 12 scriptures as a source of encouragement and resolve.  She sent those scriptures out(a copy of that email is still in my Bible) and a request to circle that courthouse in prayer. Literally. That courthouse was circled everyday up until the trial. By 10 or so different ladies. These women drove 20 minutes to get out and walk around that courthouse and pray.  We took those 12 scriptures and wrote them on stones. Memorial stones.  We walked and placed those stones strategically around that courthouse and prayed over each one. This is not normal protocol. This was a risk to look foolish.  God showed up and is still showing up from those prayers!!!!! Let me say I’ve never before experienced such a deep connection with God! Looking back, if there were cameras around the courthouse, guaranteed, they saw some women circling and praying and worshipping!
This is not standard protocol: Women circling their children, husbands, jobs, really whatever came up.
We need these people in our lives.
We need young adults reaching out and drawing in a group of unconnected 20 somethings. Having BBQ’s and getting to know one another.
They are changing the status quo! We are changing the status quo!
You need talent scouts in your organization who SEE the leaders and bring them to the front of the line. Mentoring, teaching, and loving them.
God used a murderer to lead the Israelites out of slavery.
God used a teenage boy to slay a giant.
God used a prostitute to help spies scope out the territory.
What is God using you for? Have you asked? IF you have, are you obeying?
God is not limited by a set protocol.
I’m not your typical protocol.
I just bet you aren’t either.
So let’s be awkward together and do something crazy for God!!

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