Filters change our views. 

We use filters to keep the grounds out of our coffee. We select the filter we want to use for the photo on Instagram. Screen doors are filters to keep the bugs out. Sunglasses filter out the sunlight.

We use our thoughts as filters to determine who we let in. We use past hurts as filters to determine who we can trust, in the here and now.

Filters are used to keep lots of things out, but they also are used to allow the really good to seep through.

I want to be someone who sees the part that has been filtered through. Not the yuck stuck in the filter.

Here’s the deal… filters don’t just keep the yuck out, they let the really great stuff in.

But what we usually choose to focus on is the big YUCK! We see the pile of grounds, the guts of dead bugs, and the harmful rays of the sun.


The filters let in light, air, great coffee, and tweaks the view of the picture.

This word jumped off the page at me the other day, and I wrote it on my desk calendar at work. Filter. Filter.

Then I had this thought, one we all probably know: but for the past few years, God has been filtering me. My brain has somehow decided not to think about the filtering.

I’ve focused on all the wrong things. It has perpetuated my thoughts to overwhelming proportions.  I’d neglected the good stuff.

VERY hard to see the good stuff.

The question screams loudly at me: Don’t you see the small important things, that I’ve filtered just for you? It took time and great effort to make sure the things I filtered for you were the most perfect and best for YOU!

Honestly, No.  I’ve been too consumed by the majesty of the awful.

Everything and I do mean everything that has wreaked havoc in my life,  has been lovingly and gently filtered through God’s fingers. I needed it.  I’m still standing. I’m still breathing. I’m still clinging to the knot at the end of my rope.

He’s made me stronger. I’m inching my way up that dang ladder. He’s helped me grieve(still am) a lot of loss. He’s pushed me to be accountable and do the right things.

When you are faced with the heaviness of trials, it’s hard to see if God can and will still use you.

I’ve struggled with this.

Still struggling.

What He is showing me, because of my failures, doesn’t disqualify me.  It doesn’t negate the purpose or call on me.  The enemy would like to think that.

I must re-engage and be intentional with you. With Him.

The one thing He doesn’t filter is His undying affection and love for me.  I have to pour the same amount of love and affection to those around me. It will look different.  It always does to those filtering it.

Today, I want you to know He sees you. He loves you. You are the apple of His eye! You are the cream that rises to the top. You are worthy!

Remember, He filters us to make us more like Him. He has BIG plans for you. He’s setting it into motion. Don’t miss it!


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