So today, I’ve had a ton on my mind.  I’ve had my topics for the next 2 days in my head.

But you see, I’m undone.

I read in my devotional this week about getting my feet wet.

You see, there was this drought and the farmers called a prayer meeting. They all showed up to pray, except one farmer showed up in waders. He expected God to  answer with rain. God didn’t disappoint!

Let’s jump to the Old Testament.

So as the Israelites are getting ready to cross the Jordan River, God tells them to send the priests into the river. As they actually step into the river, the river parts(By GOD’S great answer) and they cross over on dry ground. Most of the time we expect God to part before we get our feet wet.  We must be willing to get our feet wet and then see what God is going to do.

I have been called a writer. Know it’s what God’s is calling me to. Well, one of the things actually.  I agreed to this #yourturnchallenge. I said yes. It was my moment of getting my feet wet. Honestly, I’m amazed.


I have been at Catalyst Dallas. I’ve been mentoring a great group of young adult leaders in our church.  God just blew the door down!!! It was a theme for the conference. (Maybe not, but it was all I heard) and God confirmed it, oh, lets’s say about 5 times in the course of a day.

I was getting my feet wet before I even knew the river needed to be parted.

It has been a very rewarding day, as I remember the great thoughts and ideas and how literally excited to realize I was doing the next thing He needed me to do.

I must say, I felt alive yesterday. Where I fit. Where my heart is.

Moving toward something bigger than I can handle or do alone. Must be God.

Let’s not just stand on the bank and watch. Let’s journey in a few steps and see what river God parts just so we can fulfill where we know He is leading.

Jump in……


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