tumblr_lv8qwo8uhJ1qg4xgso1_1280I woke up at 4 this morning. Before I got out of bed there was one word I woke to..

I’m sure you have felt:

the sting of being last or

the joy of being first.

Or not being at all.

Or discarded.

There is triumph and pain.

Secure and Insecure.

Among the thoughts this morning concerning this one word was the song playing on the radio when my alarm went off.

Come as You Are….Dave Crowder… I’ve listened to this song on repeat for a week now.   (Listen to this song. It’s ok if it’s your anthem for a week)

The other thing that really got me was a text I had waiting on me. It was from my oldest son…”Just read all your blog entries, really incredible. Very proud of you mom, keep it up! I love you and I miss you.”

I’m just going to lay it all out there. Between the word, the song and the text, I can barely see to type.


You are.

I’m not sure who didn’t pick you.

I’m don’t know who let you go.

I don’t know who didn’t treat you right.

But I do know this:

JESUS picked you. You are His first choice. There is no doubt He wants you on His team.

He adores you. He loves you. He has a place for you. Right beside Him.

What I do know is, in an unexpected moment, an unforeseeable encounter, you find yourself Chosen. You’ve been searching and searching. Wondering.

It’s just like God to drop people right in your path, who say, “Hey, You belong to us!”

Consider yourself chosen.

It will be hard to keep the tears from flowing. It’s ok. Let them go.

Don’t fight it anymore.

Someone today needs to hear the words, “ I choose you!”



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