As a leader or coach it’s usually the little things that get us. Repeated little mistakes.

You: Work on them

Refine them

Practice them

But, they still creep in and panic sets in, and before you know it, you have quickly gone backwards, and the same bad habits come back.

To be a great leader/athlete you need to have short term memory loss.

In other words, whatever has happened to you during a game/dance/speaking engagement, party you have planned, whatever, if it was a mistake, quickly let it go. Forget about it.  You usually don’t have time for a pity party right then anyway and if you do, then everyone sees it, and it really turns into another mistake.

For an example: if I make a bad pass in a game and stop and hang my head about it and don’t get my tail down the floor, then the other team makes a layup. I don’t have time to hang my head and cry “WOE IS ME!” I’ve got to immediately let it go and continue with my head in the game. Or it leads me into a downward spiral and I’m no longer effective. It isn’t all about you, it’s about your team. Hanging your head and not focusing causes a breakdown of epic proportions.

I see it: Over and Over. Over and Over.

Short term memory loss. I assure you if it was a repeated mistake, I as your coach/friend will point it out while we are watching game film or walking through life together. Learn from them and move on.

Jesus has short term memory loss. That is dependent on how long it takes to confess our sin to Him. But the moment we do, it’s gone and He remembers no more.

Just for the record, this is being brought to you by a coach whose teams have lost all games this week by an average of 30 points. I really am trying to let it go…….


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