Have You Ever Swept a Gym Floor

I am a coach.
I was sweeping the gym floor before our basketball game started. It was very early in the morning. As is my custom this early, I had my earphones on listening to Hillsong. I was praying about our team and our struggles.
It was frustrating to say the least. Not to just me, because you could see it in the players eyes. I had been praying about this for several weeks. Knowing there was a key in there somewhere.
So this is what The Lord gave me;
How would your life be ideal? Will it ever be ideal?
Do we come to Jesus Ideal? Even after we accept Him are we Ideal?
To me Ideal is without pressure, anxiety, stress, or mistakes or sin.
Life just isn’t like that. Neither is basketball.
Ideally we run our offense without hindrance. When there is no defense it runs smoothly, efficiently, and without stress.
Here’s the thing: it only works that way in practice. Period.
Life does not run that way. EVER. Period.
This is life and bb:
..People blocking our way
..putting their body on us
..getting a hand in our face
..relentless in pursuit to shut us down
..pressuring us to take away what is ours
From the Friday Night Lights Tv series:
We have to:
  1. Look up and see ahead.
               Let go of all that is clouding our vision. God will take care of it.
2. Have to have heart full of passion
               Passion leads to desire to protect what’s ours and take away what they want. It simply means..”I want it       more than you do!”
3. Can’t lose
               Obviously we can still lose via the scoreboard, but it will not be because we didn’t see and fight for what we want, believe in, and spent hours upon hours building.
Paul was like this. He was relentless no matter the cost to Him.
Look in Acts chapter 9. Saul as he was known then, was the MAJOR persecutor of the church. There was a defining moment that changed his life forever. He was blinded by a great light.
That was the moment he went from passionate about persecuting the church and killing Christians to preaching the gospel and opening the way for the gentiles. He went from Saul to Paul. Saul the persecutor to Paul the evangelist. Regardless of the cost, His world changed, and He changed the world.
Today is the start of your life, season, whatever it looks like. You have been blinded by the GREAT LIGHT.
WHO ARE YOU? Paul asked this question.
Are you going to play and live without passion and desire? Or with an “I don’t care attitude”? Will you be different and change your season, each other, and eventually the world?
Your choice. What will it be?
So this is what happens when you sweep a gym floor….

2 thoughts on “Have You Ever Swept a Gym Floor

  1. That is awesome and such timely confirmation. I just returned from our annual corporate retreat where the President of our company brought that same quote from that same movie home. God has a way of driving a point home. Thank you for sharing. It is amazing what God will speak to us in the middle of mundane tasks.


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