It steals your creativity. It blinds you to what’s real. It numbs you from doing the things God has called you to. It makes you relinquish God given talent and abilities, to control and the brushing aside of feeling. The enemy loves to throw that in and make us feel like we are doing a good thing and yet, it is just a distraction method to keep us away from what’s important.

It lends us to the belief we are never good enough, measure up, or shame….GOSH… unending shame that we are not valued the same as each other.

When you live in a realm of insanity, abuse, or both, perfectionism creates in you a fear that we will never experience joy. We are always waiting for the next thing to happen. We cannot even take in the answered prayer and God’s goodness to us because we cannot get our eyes and thoughts off well….., let’s just wait for the other shoe to drop.

It shuts us down emotionally, spiritually, and physically. We won’t allow ourselves to feel or  live in the moment because of what we‘ve walked through, or are walking through.  It causes us undue anxiety, pressure, stress…because we simply will not let go.

Let go of it….this perfectionism that seeps in and takes over.

I want to live wide awake… alive…to breathe in and out and hear every breath.

I want to look deeply into someone’s eyes and see love. I want to be kissed deeply and held tightly and to love freely.

I want to settle in and relax and just be.

I want you beside me. I am grateful for you. You have breathed life into me and saved me. You have walked through every heartache I’ve had and held my hand. Comforted me when no one could. You are my hope that this striving for perfect is for nothing. You continue to beckon me….”Come, sit, listen, soak and savor MY word. You love me and have shown me in countless ways. You have not let me drown… You have held me steadfastly and reminded me again and again, I am not alone.  Jesus, I am forever yours. You know my heart and it’s striving. I’m letting go. Going to love those around me because that’s what love does.

Perfectionism doesn’t allow us to live. We create these unnecessary rules we must follow to be ok. We are afraid to let others in to see our mess. It keeps us from being real.

What will blow perfectionism out of the water is allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. Letting you see the cracks in my life and trusting you enough to be gentle with those or if they need to be split wider, the courage to do that as well. The ability to face to face one another instead of texting, emailing or whatever the latest trend is. Be you. Find those people who won’t shut you down. (Unless you have just gone stupid)

Allow me to be me and you to be you. And at some point, where our paths cross, we will find each other in the truest connection possible. We know  then God has His hand there.


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